Friday, 4 February 2011

Busy Fingers!

February has started with a busy theme!  I am happily still plodding my way through an Eeyore cross stitch.  On the *to do* list is 2 8 inch squares for the friendship blanket project on the Phoenix forums, I have the yarn at the ready just need to start them off :-)

I also have a request from a friend for a crochet pram blanket for her youngest daughter, when asked what colour scheme I have been let loose with instructions to make it as girly as I like :-)  So I have had a good stash dive and have made a start!  Piccies to follow when there is progress, naturally there will be one of Eeyore when he's done too!

Still on the to do list is also my chunky cardigan and summer top but there's no rush for them as they are for me :-)

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