Thursday, 19 May 2011

Have been busy!

There are lots of new items in my web store now!

I have made a range of crochet stitch markers as well as extended my range of knitting stitch markers to include light weight small markers specifically for socks!

There are also 2 stunning new neecklaces in stock!

Please drop in and have a browse around!

I have also set up a facebook fan page that can be found here:-

Please do join me there!

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Idle Ponderings.......

So since I set up the Etsy store the hits have come in but the sales are lacking.  Is this just typical of Etsy as a site overall or is this the norm with all sites featuring handmade goods?

I'm considering some new lines if it would help me get off the ground, any hints / tips any suggestions whats in whats not?

Ideas at the moment are very floral and summery accessories like brooches / hair bands and so on, may have a play about with a few ideas but would welcome all feedback / suggestions!

Off for a stash rummage after Sunday lunch is served to see what I can come up with!